May 31, 2008

Forest Tapley and Tristan Carr Request Membership

Dear Union Acres,

(As we grew up as children here at Union Acres and have lived here all or most of our lives, this is sort of a special case in community membership--we aren't going to answer the usual questions, but we will give the reasons we would like to become members.)

We are writing in request for an associate membership for long-time residents Tristan Carr and Forest Tapley. We are interested in membership because of the responsibilities and privileges we would gain, the extended family we could more confidently use as a resource for growth, and the group of people with a variety of spiritual paths that we can continue to be exposed to and grow from. As well as this, we would like to become members because of what we feel we have to offer.

May 30, 2008

Wayne and Susan Endter Request Membership

Dear Union Acres Members
Wayne and I would like to apply for membership at Union Acres. We love the community and very much would like to be a part of your lives. Both Wayne and I have been out of town and working on these questions by talking on phone. He can certainly answer for himself in more detail when he sees all of you. If anyone would like to talk to me by phone or email I am back home in California. My phone is 209-989-0213 For the sake of time I am not going to write more of a letter. I think it is more important at this point to get these responses out to all of you to review. I am very sorry that I am not going to be there with all of you but I couldn't take Shelby out of school at the end of
the term. I think of all of you often.
Best Wishes,
Sue Endter

1.How did you hear about Union Acres and who referred you to us?
We read about Union Acres in the Intentional Communities guidebook and then visited the website. We were already looking at other intentional communities in NC.

Dusk Weaver Requests Membership

To help organize my thoughts, I’ll answer the “Suggested Topics for Discussion” from the UA visitors’ packet in the same order they are given there.
Are you seriously interested in moving into community or just curious at this time? Both serious and committed.

What is your time frame for moving here? Yesterday.

How did you hear about Union Acres and who referred you to us? I heard about UA at the time of its founding, and I was updated about UA over the years by both Caroline and Anthony. When I had at last taken them up on a standing invitation to visit here, Caroline provided me with the visitor packet and legal documents.