December 13, 2013

Wayne Robbins requests membership

Dear UA,

Most of you probably remember me from when I lived at Union Acres with Esther from around 2001-2006.  I spent a lot of time with many of your children, cleaned the UA pool regularly each summer, and spent countless hours on the construction of the CB.  Before the CB was built, we hosted many business meetings and social events at our house. Esther and I were also busy adding an addition to our home, raising our daughter Ayden and then having our son Quinlin, who turned nine this past October.  We moved away in 2006 when Esther finished her Ph.D and accepted a job in Viriginia, but we've been back in WNC since 2008.

We now have a third child, Roan, whom you've probably met at a UA event.  I am still playing music though not as much as I did ten years ago.  Esther and I are teaching English at the University of South Carolina in Spartanburg.  For the last couple of years, we have been working on our house here (repairing the damage and neglect that comes from 4-5 years of renters).  We talk often of trying to retire early and moving back to UA, though with three kids in school, that dream often seems far off.  For the immediate future we are coming out as often as we can from Asheville and hope to spend a good amount of time here in the summers. 

Esther and I were married in 2009, and we recently added my name to the deed for "the red house." Like Esther, I try to be the kind of person who makes my community a better place. I have felt like an ex-officio member of UA for some time but would like to be considered an official member. 

Thanks for your consideration.